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*Previously published in Vol 6 of Citadel 21

When you first embark on your journey into Bitcoin, you don’t quite know what is ahead for you. You probably heard the name several times before you actually took the plunge and bought some for yourself. You may have heard…

Here Come the Giants

If you listen closely, you can hear them coming. If you still your senses, you can feel it in the air and the ground skakes beneath their heavy feet. If you look at all the signs, you know it to be true. The Giants are coming…

As we conclude a summer of violence and destruction, a summer of lies and disinformation, America and the world at large are facing some of the greatest challenges in our history. The iron fingers of totalitarianism threaten to tighten their icy grip around our collective throats, while lies are used…

A Bitcoin Meditation:

Close your eyes, feel the weight leave your body as you expand beyond the room, beyond the city, beyond the country; until you feel yourself engulf the entire world. You are everywhere, and you are nowhere.

You feel yourself growing stronger as miners compete for you as…

BTC Kris

March 2017 Bitcoin noob. Converted goldbug. Seeker of wisdom. Sat stacker. Hodler of Last Resort. Boat accident survivor.

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